Comic Book Name Generator

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Bind Valet
Rusting Epitaph
Bore Kate
Pressure Bob
Swamp Sultana
Crack Nisse
Grave Python
Storm Mouse
Vine Atom
Crisis Cackle
Lost Noodle
Popinjay Ditz
Warmth Neutrino
Coals Elf
Flame Bracer
Magnetism Count
Fusillade Bound
Breeze Chunk
Torpor Ape
Nature Nettle
Discharge Rune
Tropic Bomber
Evolve Flame
Chill Flea
Gourd Chiroptera


*Author is not responsible for the output of this program. It is totally random and therefore could return an offensive combination. Super Hero Name Generator is mainly for creating names for the City of Heroes or Champions Online games.

Program now written in PHP.

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