Comic Book Name Generator

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Extinction Spirit
Gym Glacier
Potential Jade
Sonic Scorpion
Undertaker Volcano
Croak Master
Explosion Ray
Risky Chicken
Charring Eye
Steaming Shade
Captain Whisper
Spike Sheild
Execute Puck
Unafraid Turtle
Pyre Lout
Jager Alligator
Blasting Bee
Flak Sage
Frosted Chin
Hurtful Nyctalus
Lethargous Tadarida
Ugly Knife
Wired Poison
Tension Amigo
Force Force


*Author is not responsible for the output of this program. It is totally random and therefore could return an offensive combination. Super Hero Name Generator is mainly for creating names for the City of Heroes or Champions Online games.

Program now written in PHP.

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